Monday, March 28, 2016

Yesterday's blog post was so lengthy that I didn't want to add one more thing, but that one thing was the last block before catching up to the Minecraft sew along.

Enter this freaky dude:

My husband plays hardcore, which means that you can be destroyed and the world you create as well in a single stroke of bad luck.  I guess the other way gives you multiple chances and maybe doesn't destroy the world you made?  My kids and my husband have enjoyed this game through the years although my husband is the only one who prefers the chanciness of the hardcore game.  My kids would interact with each others' worlds when they played although they tried not to mess each others' games up.

Jim, my husband, tells me that you know when Enderman comes into play because the music (if you can call it that) sounds like nails on a blackboard.  Really pleasant, NOT!  So sinister dude, he is.

Today is the day for the squid and it's already up at Seriously I think it needs stitches!

This week's project is getting the sashing done.  My daughter and I found some awesome fabrics so I hauled my husband to the Cabin Arts store in Kentucky to pick out his favorites.  That's a tiny cabin crammed with fabric from top to bottom!

That grey fabric facing us is the one Jim chose for the sashing!  It reminded him of the rock in Minecraft (that he spends so much time chipping away!!!

Here's the shop in all its quaint cabin goodness. They're on Facebook too and they keep that page current.

Racked and stacked with delicious fabrics!  Along with the sashing, Jim picked out the backing and binding fabrics:
The grey sashing, brown backing (reminded him of dirt), and charcoal black for the binding.  All 3 fabrics have black running through them.  If you've been reading my blog for long, you have probably picked up that I'm good at completing quilt tops, better at buying more fabric, and lousy at getting the backing fabric.  I think I may have found fabric for this violet/pink quilt although I only need a 60" width, not 120" backing.  At least I have a direction, and I guess I could always use the leftover fabric if needed.  I found some black corduroy in my stash that I might use for the Advent calendar.  Not very Christmasy, but nobody will see the back right?  I have some really cute Christmas fabric, but it seems a waste to have it facing the wall.

And I may have succumbed to my love of all things Independence Day (USA):
Quilt shops are dangerous places, I tell ya!

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