Friday, March 25, 2016

The villager and the pig

I'm still struggling with the scant 1/4" seam.  I think maybe I'm starting to get it, but I don't have it every time.  That makes the pieces not line up exactly, but I'm getting closer I think.



He kind of reminds me of Bert of Sesame Street fame!  However, I'm out of the fat quarter for skin tone now so I'm wondering if I just need to switch to the next color closest to skin tone or what.  My villager is paler than Kelli's.

Speaking of Seriously I think it needs stitches, Kelli has created this pattern:

I'm thinking of my missionary son Steven in the California Fresno Mission.  Change the bike color to lime green and eliminate the basket of flowers, and I'd have his bike.  (Sorry, I couldn't find one with him riding it!)

Here's a better one with him on the bike although it's still dark at night!  Dark suit, dark night--not much detail to be had!

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