Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New beginnings (again)

I just sent my second son off on a 2-year mission for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He will be serving in the Portland, Oregon, area after spending 3 weeks on a crash course at the Missionary Training Center learning how to contact and teach people the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He gets one more week than his twin brother did about 5 months ago!  It was so hard to come into our house after dropping him off at the MTC.  Usually if I went out early in the morning, my son James would meet me at the garage door into the house.  (Actually, if he was home, he would always meet me at the door if he heard the garage door go up.)  Then he would take off for the farm.  I will really miss him.  Watching him walk away from us at the airport felt like I was watching a huge portion of my life leave.  He and his brother are two of the brightest jewels in my life that I could ever hope to have.  At least I have my daughter at home still, but she had to be dropped off at school after leaving the airport and my husband went straight to work so I returned home alone.

Here he is this morning around 5:45 after eating his breakfast burrito (made by his dad) and an oatmeal banana THM shake (made by me.)  The best things in life are found in the home! He had to be at the airport at 6:30.

When I came inside, I went upstairs to his room--just like I did when his brother Steven left.  I'm so glad he is so full of life because his personality is right there in his room.  Nope, I don't think I'll redecorate, even temporarily.  

Eventually though, I had to come back downstairs so I'm looking over my recent fabric purchase as well as contemplating stitching together the baby quilt today.  My daughter needs dessert for an activity tonight too.  When missing someone, you can never have enough projects to complete!!!

The fabric I just received?

Love the ribbon!!!

It's the Minecraft fat quarter collection from the Fat Quarter shop over here.  They are having a 24-hour flash sale today!  Love that yardage with the scissors on it!

The Minecraft sew along is happening over here!  That Looks Like It Needs Stitches is running directions for making the quilt pieces, and my husband loves both the game and the quilt.  So first the baby quilt then get started on the Minecraft blocks.  Hard work overcomes challenges.

One project at a time.  Here's where my oldest twin son is right now:

Sharing helps me so thank you for being there!

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