Thursday, March 17, 2016

#MakeSomethingToday Advent Calendar

I did it!  I completed another quilt top.  This one is a Christmas Advent wall hanging.  I totally love this idea.  I got the inspiration and direction from Missouri Star Quilt Company at

Here is mine:

I really like this idea.  This is made with one-seam flying geese and the upper edges of the triangles are open for suggestions for activities.  Missouri Star included a .pdf file for an Advent calendar.  The next picture shows a few of the cards sticking out of the pockets:

Up close:

I've thought about doing something like this with inexpensive date ideas for newlyweds, activities for what to do when bored, and so on.  I really like the idea of doing a spring-themed one with activities.  When I was homeschooling, I could have put assignments in each pocket and had a strip for each child.

It is nice to finish something!

Okay, so I still have to get the batting, then put the back on, but this is further than I thought I'd get at noon today.  Oops, that would be yesterday as of a half hour ago!

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