Sunday, March 27, 2016

Where my head's been at . . . and introduction

I have been working hard all week to get these blocks done and catch up to Kelli over at Seriously I think it needs stitches and I've wondered if I would ever get these done.  Have you ever had times that you simply felt overwhelmed and it takes everything you've got just to kick it in gear?

Yeah?  That's been my week this past week.  Sometimes it was 10:00 at night before I finally got to it.  I can't say I've gotten an exceptional amount of work done--my yard work still needs to be done for example.  We've had a lot of wind this past winter, and a bunch of trees came down in our wooded area so that is a MESS!  The weather was nice so I kept thinking I should get out there, but I didn't.  New week now, right?  Our lawn mower died at the end of last summer too so we need to buy a new one, but you got it--that hasn't happened either.

I've just felt overwhelmed these last few weeks.  I have twin sons, and both have left home for 2-year missions for our church in the last 6 months, the last one 3 weeks ago.  I've missed him a lot, and it brought back some homesickness for his brother who has been gone longer too.  So I think I've been grieving them being gone a bit.  They are good company and I've had them with me much of the time for the last 19 1/2 years.  We homeschooled them all the way through school so the ties have been even closer.  They both started working full time about 1.5 years ago and they worked until right around the time Steven (actually the 4-minute younger twin) left.  James (the last one gone) quit his job about 5 months before he left and has only been working part time at a ranch so we have had more time to spend together.  It was wonderful to have a little bit of time with each of them individually before each of them left.  I still have one daughter in high school so I've been spending a little more time with her after she gets home from school.  Still, I'm home all day with no one else here and it's taking a bit of adjusting!!!

Steven (the first twin out) with his beloved truck right after he bought it.  He sold it before he left.

My daughter often curled up in Steven's room to study because it was warmer than her own room, but then James came in and they started playing a game on her phone.  So much for studying!  

One more of James goofing around at the Aquarium when he and I went shortly before he left:
My life has been closely intertwined with all of my children's lives so I guess it's natural that I'm at a loss right now.  I'm pretty proud of what they have accomplished to date! Both boys earned all their mission money before they left plus what their success with their high school studies while we homeschooled.  Good young men.

Onward to the Ocelot.  Jim (my husband) has been helping me pick out the colors, and he pointed out that the colors are a lot more true on the computer screen than on the page I printed.  So be forewarned:  If you print out the directions, refer often to Seriously I think it needs stitches to compare shades of colors.  I bought the fat quarters from the Fat Quarter Shop but the link to that collection seems to be defunct.  Maybe they've sold out that bundle?  They have some other luscious bundles though!

I followed the Ocelot instructions exactly.  I love Kelli's diagrams!  They are fantastic!  I was a little worried about the top strip with the dark and light yellow rectangles because that piece was much longer than the pieces underneath, until I realized I was forgetting about the dark yellow strip down the left side!  Then it fit perfectly.  My 1/4" seams are getting better too.  Yay!

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