Sunday, September 11, 2016

Getting real, part 2

My last post seriously bothered me because I made a green smoothie and went to work.  I'm sure there is room for improvement, but it sure feels better now!!!

The shelves:

This picture doesn't look super pretty, but it's a whole lot more functional!  The off-white Aldi bag has comfort quilts inside, the green one on the top shelf holds my Row-by-Rows I collected this summer, and the very top is full of smaller projects.

Each stack holds one type of fabric: Christmas, fleece and like soft fabrics on the top shelf; prints, solids and the comfort quilts on the second shelf; stripes, geometic, and random fat quarter stacks on the third shelf, and 2 stacks of dressmaker fabrics with the third stack on the bottom shelf being full of other holiday fabrics.  I don't have baskets on hand so that part will have to wait.

You can see the batting stack to the side of the shelves.  Here's another picture of that:

I have six bags of color-coded scraps, fat quarters, and larger (but not more than 1/2 yard) fabric on the floor, sewing notions and thread spools in the two boxes, and batting on top.  Quilting magazines and notebooks along with a scanner are on the side of the boxes.  Not sure why I'm keeping the scanner.  Goodwill maybe?

Last is the bag of committed quilt projects with all the fabrics required.  Two are almost done; I just need to screw up the courage to quilt them.  The Minecraft quilt really hurt my forearms near my wrist. Or I'll wait until my husband is employed again and hire someone else to do them.  The Christmas quilt back needs to be pieced together first too.

Filing is next.  Gag.  That requires decisions, not just sorting.

Oh--and I showed my daughter how the shelves are organized.  Very important because she pulls stuff out too!

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