Monday, September 26, 2016

Beginning the row by row quilt

Last summer I collected Row by Row quilt strips from a number of places we visited in the past and this year, and I have begun constructing one from Kentucky's own Quilt Box.  Actually I'll make two from The Quilt Box so I can use one as a wall hanging and one in a quilt.

 Here it is, pressed and ready to appliqué.  I used double-sided WonderUnder by Pellon to attach each piece.  The big pieces were fairly easy, but the logs on the little cabin were NOT!  They kept wanting to curl up.  I found that a good press flattened them down.  Apparently I had forgotten to reverse the pattern for the state so initially it was backward, but thankfully I caught that before pressing the WonderUnder to the fabric.  Oh, and one piece that I ironed onto the iron.  Oops!

Once pressed, I began to sew the appliqué with a blanket stitch.

It's all sewn now although I need to draw the threads on top to the back and assemble the quilt sandwich. If you look closely, you can see the threads.  Oh, and I need to embroider the sun's rays too.

 I'll quilt this one myself so that's taking a little thought.  I'll probably quilt around each piece, offsetting the stitches about 1/4" or so but I'm open to ideas after that.

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