Sunday, September 11, 2016

Getting real, folks!

Has anyone else thought about doing Periscope or YouTube but thought, "Oh, I need to radically houseclean so my house looks fantastic no matter which way I point the camera!?"  For the record, I don't frantically houseclean when people come over so if you've been in my house, what you see is real.  It isn't terrible but it doesn't look like a Better Homes and Gardens cover.  Umm, I know people who live like that, and they intimidate me.

So I decided to show my sewing room but only part of it.  I'm not ready to be THAT real!

First of all, my sewing room is an all-purpose room.  It is also small.

We keep the family computer in there normally because it is visible from the kitchen.  No computers go into bedrooms.  Ever.

I have food shelves because in this era of minimalist kitchens, they forgot that some of us actually cook and want a bit extra on hand in case the bottle of paprika runs out.  Those of us who actually try to have something approaching a 3-12 month supply of food are simply out of luck.  So I have metal racks for food, and they're overflowing although not as much as I would like.

Then I have my filing cabinet with everything that hasn't actually made it into a file folder because my file is full.  It's time to eliminate stuff.  I'm no longer homeschooling so I probably don't need science lesson plans anymore (most of which I never used but compulsively collected).  I gave away two 2-drawer file cabinets when we moved here, leaving me with 4 file drawers.  I haven't gotten around to cleaning it out mostly because I'm dreading it.

Here is my sewing machine with my latest quilt-in-making on top.

The best part is the sewing machine itself and the view out the window!

When I actually quilt a whole quilt, I do it on the dining room table because I need more space!  The ironing board is right behind me so it's fairly convenient.  I have to get up to go around the ironing board, which isn't as efficient as turning my chair around, but I prefer to move around anyway.

This quilt is probably going to be going back into a bag because I have a couple of other projects taking precedence.  I also think I'm going to get a couple of plastic bins to separate fabric that is already committed into known projects so I don't pull something that's already committed for a quick project.

You can see the edges of two quilt blocks I've begun for Amy Gibson's 2012 BOM quilt on the wall that I'm trying to figure out how to bring together into the same quilt.  That's another post!

To the right you can see my messy stash.  Let's bring that into sharper focus.

Umm, yeah.  It's a mess.  Once upon a time, this was all very neat.  Then I started pulling this fabric and that out and sticking them back in.  There's no order to it now.  The mess on the floor is filled with fat quarters and scraps and a few finished projects looking for new homes.  The fat quarters and scraps are actually color coded in large 2-gallon plastic bags.  So there's some organization but that's why I'm wondering if it would be better to use bins or at least baskets to contain the fabric so at least it doesn't fall over.  You know--Christmas fabrics (I have lots) in one, dressmaking fabrics in another, fleece in another.  My goal is to use up this stash in about a year.

So there's hope!  It's my goal to minimize this so hopefully I'll be able to put up another post sometime soon (Christmastime?) with a much neater after shot.  It has gotten to that point that my peacefulness is disappearing in there.  Time to clean out!

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