Monday, October 24, 2016

Lots happening here!

So much has happened in the last month!  How about a quick update?

Starting with non-quilting activities:

I spent four days prepping our house in Missouri for more open houses.  In the process, I found a boxful of pencils to bring home for my husband.  There's probably a quilt in this somewhere!

We took our visiting German student Laura to the Newport Aquarium the first day after she arrived.

My daughter hosted her annual Young Women's Halloween party.  This is after the party with her and our German student.  Next year she's thinking she'll probably invite her whole early morning Bible-study class since it will be her last year home.

On to the quilting-related activities although not actually quilting, I finally splurged for a sewing machine case.  I have a Janome Skyline S5 so it isn't a small (or light) machine, and I almost damaged it on a trip outside the house.  I finally found a Tutto case on for the best price that was just big enough.  In fact, I have to slide it in from the side of the case because I didn't measure the widest point on the machine's base (it's 11", not 9" like I had thought.)  I may have cried when it turned out to be too big but tears turned into a happy smile when I found I could slip it in the other way!  

Walmart shipped it to my house for free.  It has so many pockets in it that I temporarily lost a pattern book I just purchased!  The wheels turn on a dime, and it's easy to maneuver.  Love it!  Some of their cases are big enough to go as an airplane carry on, but not this one.  It's huge because my machine is that big.

Now to recent quilting.  I've talked about some of these already so I'll just add pictures.

A quilt that resulted from a class I taught to the young women at church for a young boy who had brain surgery.  Successfully both for the boy and the girls.  It's a little bigger than the typical comfort quilt, but we gave it to him personally.

I also quilted a top that someone else pieced:

I think it's very attractive!  I backed it with white flannel.

I finally pulled out the quilt blocks from a Quilt of the Month in 2009 at Merrily We Quilt Along and put them on the design wall.  This is going to be pretty and I already have the sashing and backing fabrics!  That makes it free since I bought it way back then, right?

I'm also trying to figure out how to quilt another WIP.  No pictures yet.  Lastly, my Christmas quilt is at my long-arm quilter's house waiting its turn to be quilted.  Oh, and I bought a plush blanket at Family Dollar that I'm going to use to back my last WIP.  It's cheaper than buying Minky fabric!


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