Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New ongoing project

I have found that my days feel much more complete and my worry levels drop when I create something every day.

Creating a new block fills the need so I've begun the Craftsy 2012 BOM quilt by Amy Gibson, author of Stitchery, Dickory, Dock on my sidebar.  I haven't ever tried modern quilting so I was pleasantly surprised to find I have enjoyed making the first two blocks that she teaches.  (She is doing another BOM this year, but I fell in love with this first block in her 2012 BOM.)

The asterisk block:

I LOVE these two fabrics together with the green dots on blue with the green asterisk.  This is my favorite shade of green.  Originally I planned to make this green the background color tying the whole quilt together.  I changed my mind when I realized I'm going to make a Crosswalk quilt with green as the predominant color so while all of these blocks will work together and I will use green in many of the blocks, I'll probably sash it with a different background color.  

The following block is a leading reason I decided not to stay with green in every block.  I really, really love the boldness of these fabrics together!

So somehow or other, these two blocks will look good together!  Orange and green will both play prominently in the other blocks.  I think.

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