Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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When we got home from vacation, I spotted a fun Pumpkin Party Flannel layer cake (10" precut squares) that my daughter also loved at Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Since she absolutely loves decorating for Halloween, I bought the precuts and challenged her to make a quilt.

She had the squares sewn together in two days (she had less than a week before school started again) and then I quilted it.  I stitched every block in the ditch and then put a decorative S in the center of each block to hold it all together.  It's the first quilt I have ever machine stitched.  Nothing fancy but it should hold!  Here she is all bundled up in 95 degree heat with 98% humidity.  She loves it!

And a full view:

I guess it isn't big enough to see all the cute little ghosties, candy corn, and pumpkins!  No skulls, skeletons, or bats!  If you click on the MSQC above in this post, it should take you to see it.  I think the fabric is sold out though.  

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