Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bag-making Saturday!

Today started early because . . . well, because I woke up early!

First, I got another square done before remembering that my daughter had asked if I would cut out fabric for a new bag for her.  Her high school doesn't allow them to carry backpacks or even large bags so she has created themed bags for each month.  September was fall leaves, October for Halloween, November a Snoopy themed Thanksgiving, and her Christmas bag is just now created.  She has made reversible bags so the inside has one theme and the outside another.  This one has a blue interior for January snow and a Christmas exterior.  

It isn't your imagination:  that's a really long strap so she can wear it as a cross-body bag.  The bag measures 12 1/2" across and 12" high with a 42" strap.  We used Kristen Link's reversible bag on the Craftsy platform as the model for it.  Hers is different but we modified this because it is a fairly small bag.  It holds my daughter's Spanish dictionary, her high school planner, pencils/pens/erasers and a few other small items that she needs in every class.

Here's a close-up of the Christmas side of the bag.  She loves all things doggy!  Isn't the bassett hound cute?!

My daughter didn't want to pose with the bag because she is also putting together her English assignment so she and her brother were posing in a fight scene from Great Expectations, complete with a black eye (courtesy of her makeup.)  Maybe another time!

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