Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas!  We did!  Two of my kids were here at home and we got to chat for a good long time with my son who is serving a mission in California.  That made Christmas real!

Our Christmas tree decorations have been years in the making.  We add ornaments every year that have something to do with events of that year.  This year we purchased an ornament from the Cincinnati Museum Center in the shape of a train in remembrance of the many times I took our kids to the museum when they were kids.  The train ornament reminded me of a train set they played with for YEARS!  Now that our kids are beginning to leave home, it makes those memories precious.  

I also bought another ornament in honor of my son in California, but it hasn't arrived yet. 

Onward to my Christmas quilt, which I've been afraid wasn't going to keep progressing now that Christmas is over.  It got stalled when I was sick, then stayed stalled so I could finish Christmas preparations and spend time on other priorities.  

Although I've enjoyed the excitement of the holiday, it's good to be back to quilting, or should I say, piecing!

I have begun cutting each 9-patch square into fourths.  I was pretty happy to realize that I'm mastering the scant 1/4" seams.  This quilt has already been a success to me!

I played with the squares a little bit, first turning them randomly and then looking for a pattern until I settled on a windmill type of pattern.  (Found it!  I think it's the rail fence!)  That only required me to turn each cut square 1/4 turn to this:

Then I sewed the bottom two squares together and the two top squares and finally sewed the two halves together until I had a full block put back together.

I've finished five of these blocks now.  

Yay me!

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