Friday, December 11, 2015

Confession of a novice who knows better!

In a former life, I wrote, edited, and published technical documentation and user manuals as well as policies and procedures.

Now, ask me how well I read them now.

Or don't.  Because I'd hate to have to confess to not doing what I used to get slightly peeved that others didn't do.


Yesterday I called the sewing machine dealer to see if I could get the quilting foot because my fabric was pushing the fabric ahead of the presser foot.  I remembered that the walking foot (or even feed foot) helped but I'd also heard of the free motion quilting foot.  The lady who answered very kindly told me I already had it; it came with the machine.  Hmm.  I scheduled a private sewing lesson for January, but then decided I really ought to open the book.  The instruction book.

Walla! The free motion quilting foot:

And while I was at it, foot O (for 1/4" seams):

The instructions to use the quilting foot were there along with darning instructions, all kinds of buttonholes (who knew?), pin tucking, smocking (wow!), and appliqué along with a host of other fun things.  The appliqué information will help me in re-doing the Christmas tree appliqué which had drawn up the fabric too tightly.

So I wandered through the instruction manual page by page.  I found all kinds of marvelous capabilities--like you find if you actually read the manual.

 I didn't know my machine had such wonderful capabilities!  It can even do pin tucking.

The Table of Contents contained a complete listing of everything in an easily scannable image so I can find instructions for each type of sewing quickly instead of hunting through it page by page.

Kudos to the writers who created this handy booklet!  I think I will spend some time trying out all of the functions I had previously only dreamed about doing!!!

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