Friday, June 24, 2016

Disaster strikes my sewing room

Oh dear.  It has been over a month since I've blogged!  I'm so sorry!  We've gone on vacation, I've finished the Hunter's Star quilt top, I've done some cross stitching, but I've blogged about none of it!

One of the major things that has happened is this:

It's not what is outside although the weed jungle is growing like mad with all the rain we have had.  My husband is taming it now that he has more time for yardwork.  He was laid off--did I mention that?  The picture also doesn't just show that my sewing machine table is a mess, but that's a major clue.

I finished the Hunter's Star and programmed my machine to write a label for it, and then forgot to change the presser foot.  The needle came down, broke in the machine, seriously messed up the timing, and the machine began shredding thread.

Even though I took my machine to the dealer's the next day (two weeks ago), the repairman attended training for at least a week so I still don't have it back.  I even tried sewing more blocks on my old Viking that is now my daughter's.  Getting the 1/4" seam right on a different machine is hard though.  Hopefully I really will get my machine back in a week because I have to sew the binding on the Hunter's Star quilt when it comes back from the quilter.  All before leaving for vacation the following week.

I have done these blocks so far on my husband's Minecraft quilt.

Notice the white chicken on the bottom row.  It was one of Kelli's bonus blocks that my husband preferred.  Since I've already purchased the sashing fabric and back, we picked and chose the blocks my husband wanted most and I'm putting all these blocks on the front.  Kelli recently posted a pattern for the pickaxe that I'm going to make for one of the blank spots although I'm changing it a tiny bit.  I spent last night graphing out a diamond sword for the other blank spot and figuring out how to make it without making it look appreciably different than the others, i.e., more pixelated.  I'll be publishing instructions for it soon--as soon as I write them up.  Making it into a 12" block was much more easily said than done.  I have no idea what software Kelli uses so I used graph paper and pencil.  I'll probably post pictures of that.  Very high tech--not!

Kelli has also created a large dragon for the back of the quilt that I'm duplicating too.  Here's the link to the tail section, mid section, and head.  Of course that means I bought far too much backing fabric.  Oh well. It will look cool when it's done after I get my sewing machine home.

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