Saturday, April 16, 2016

Just dreaming

Today I'm starching fabric that I prewashed for my Christmas quilt back.  According to Leah Day, it's a good idea to prewash fabrics that might bleed.  I'm using two fabrics (haven't decided which of the off-white prints to use--opinions anyone?) for the back, chiefly because I don't have enough of one fabric to do the entire back.  I don't prewash my precuts though.  I was concerned about the blue so I washed the off-white so they wouldn't pull at each other.

I love my puppy dog (who isn't so young anymore; note the white muzzle) and thought he looked very gentle tucked in between the fabrics!  (He's a very large Lab, actually classed as a giant by weight, but he looks small here. While he is packing about 15 pounds too much, the vet thinks he is close to what he should weigh so there has to be some mixed breeding in him somewhere.)

Wish List 

I MUST stop looking at more and more quilt designs.  Here's are additions to my list of my new faves that are unfortunately going to have to wait.  I need to finish some quilts that are already on my shelves!

Here's my wish list:

Surprise Pinwheels by Missouri Star Quilt Company.  

Heck, MSQC is my real downfall because they send their daily newsletters with luscious fabric deals every single morning, often with links to beautiful quilt tutorials.  I really need to unsubscribe but totally don't want to.  I'm champing at the bit to receive my April issue of their Block magazine.  I remember my Grandma Jones saying that she loved to read cookbooks and thinking, "How weird is that?"  Umm, yeah.  I get it, Grandma!

Disclaimer:  By the way, except for being on their frequent buyer list, MSQC doesn't know I'm alive.  I am not paid for sending traffic their way or anyone else's way for that matter.  I WISH they would send me free fabric though. :-) If they want to send me the fabric for this quilt, I will toss everything else aside to get it done!

Hope Takes Flight by Robert Kaufman (I've considered doing this as a back so it forms a 2-sided quilt.  Not sure how I'd fashion the quilting though--maybe just an all-over pattern?) 

Speaking of which, the Robert Kaufman site has tons of printable, free patterns.  From what I can see, it also lists stores where you can buy the fabric along with the stock numbers.

P.S.  You can Google the quilt names and find them almost instantly!

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