Monday, April 4, 2016

I catch up then I procrastinate?

After all that sewing and all my good intentions to complete the Squid last Monday, it didn't happen.

First, I realized my fabrics didn't match Kelli's so I waited for my husband to come home and choose colors.

Then somewhere around Wednesday, I cut out pieces and laid them up.  And realized that those pieces that said Cut Two only had one.  Yeah, I can read. It's following directions where I seem to be hurting.  :-)

I went ahead and sewed what I had together, meaning the eyes were sewn.

Then my daughter had a State competition for Odyssey of the Mind in Bowling Green, Kentucky, all day Saturday.  They are actually on Central Time vs Eastern Time so the trip down was quick, what with gaining an hour.  Coming home wasn't so fast since we lost it again. For a few brief hours, we shared time zones with Missouri again.  The competition was a good experience, and our daughter had fun, but we won't be going to World in Iowa.  :(  Sad, but it was fun to watch our daughter and her teammates!!!

Now it's Monday, the witch is up, and I finished cutting out and sewing the Squid.  Yay, me!!!

So after all the procrastination, I'd like to introduce you to Squid.

Next, the Witch.  Out of habit, I think I'll let Jim pick the colors and design since Kelli kindly gave an alternate design.  (More choices--is that kind? kidding!)  Maybe tomorrow?

There's a lovely Flag Day quilt block on Craftsy that I might do right now though.  Do I have a friend that might like to do this too?

P.S. It seems that the Minecraft fabric packs might be sold out.  I was kind of sad because I'd thought about making more of these quilts, but then I realized that gives me the opportunity to expand my fabric stash so I have more fabrics to choose from.  Think of the opportunities!  Check out Kelli's blog for what fabrics some other quilters are using.  Some are super clever!

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  1. Jim said the alternate witch looks more like the witch he sees on the game. Now to pick colors!