Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My husband is a champ!

Today I wrote down 3 goals to accomplish.

First, I needed to find a video showing how to sash a quilt.  Done.

Then I got my husband's shirts ironed and various other tasks that need to be completed.

I finally got down to the business of beginning to sash my quilt (goal #2).  When I began sewing my third block to the sashing, I realized that some of my blocks were definitely smaller than others so that made one decision for me.  I cut down all the blocks to 12 1/2 inches square.

At that point, I made dinner for my husband (and family.)  It was totally off THM plan because I used noodles for pork chops and noodles, and they weren't Not Naughty noodles.  They were completely naughty but I totally stayed away from sugar!!!  Sugar doesn't play nice, and I was not going to have a migraine to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary.

This is what my husband brought home for me to celebrate our day.  (He had planned to take me out to dinner, but I didn't really want to go out tonight.  Like the champion that he is, he was okay with that and cancelled the reservations.

Gorgeous roses!  I love roses, and their fragrance is even more beautiful than their form.  I think my husband is awesome!  I love him so much and am so grateful he is my patient, fun, and wise husband!  I may have fallen for him because he makes me laugh, but I've stayed in love because he is the perfect complement to me and helps me so much.

Not only was he willing to stay home with me (our kids took off for youth group meetings at our church), he encouraged me to finish the last goal on my list for the day.  He helped me figure out how much fabric and what sizes I needed to cut for the sashing for the Christmas quilt (which he has laid claim to.  I think he's afraid I might not finish it otherwise.)  Then he practiced his violin while I cut and sewed.  

Now I have finished my first row of the quilt!

How blessed can a girl get?!

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