Tuesday, February 2, 2016


So far my silliest (and most annoying) error has been to replace my cutting blade and then have terrible times cutting fabric.  It was on my Fiskars blade that is stiffer when opening and shutting than my Olfa blade.

But I could not believe that I had to seesaw back and forth repeatedly to get it to cut!


Terrible cuts!

And then one day (about a week later) I noticed that there was a lot of lint from the rough cutting.  Being economical cheap, I had insisted on using that doggoned blade.  I cleaned off the lint and then realized that some was stuck and would not budge.  Figuring that I had a knick in the blade (and possibly the reason for the rough cutting, I tried to pull it out.

I finally woke up to the realization that I had not one, but two, blades on the handle.

Yeah, don't do that.  It cuts amazingly well with one blade now.

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