Friday, April 2, 2021

Day 22 What do you think?

So I've made it to Day 22. I just got a haircut, and it has been a hard day.  I've had a hard time staying upbeat. Several upsets.


One funny story.

I went for a drive this evening, and ended up retracing the drive to my high school and returned home by way of the high road, which is no longer the highest road on the mountain. Coming home, I detoured to go past my grandpa’s house, except I couldn’t find it. I went past several more times and couldn’t spot the jungle that marked his house. (When we sold the house, the new owners re-landscaped it and put far, far too many trees, bushes, and other plants in, and then let it overgrow the entire yard.) 

Finally, as I approached one last time, I spotted the west side of the house, a side that has been all but invisible for years!  Excitement growing, I searched for less overgrowth and saw it! The front porch!!!  I squealed with excitement! Last summer, I desperately wanted to see the house again so I walked up the driveway and up the walk until I reached the steps so I could actually see the front porch. The yard was THAT overgrown!  This time I could see the whole house as I drove by!  Id been missing it because the jungle was gone!

So to whomever owns it now, thank you so much! The house can breathe!

Now to show you day 22 with a non-smiling face:

With my preferred expression:

Day 0:

What do you think?  I'm thinking my skin is softer and has more volume and I think the lines are beginning to lessen. Especially the ones around my mouth.  I think the circles under my eyes are lessening as well.

And I also think I shall never start a before and after with an unsmiling picture!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Day 17 check in

 Reporting in on the journey with the Isagenix Collagen Elixir at 17 days!

I’m 17 days into this Collagen Elixir trial, recovering from not much sleep, and hating that I didn’t smile at least a little bit in my first picture! I don’t like documenting my non-smiling self.  Smiles bring joy!

So Day 000 with no collagen elixir in my system. 

Zip, zero, nada.

And today. 

I know the backgrounds are different. I’m traveling. There’s not a lot I can do about that. I’m sorry. 

I still have dark bags, but I think the puffiness under my eye is lessening. The skin is soft and doesn’t feel dry anymore. That’s a BIG deal. The dark? Umm, heredity so a bit harder to eliminate. I’m not saying impossible, just to be clear!

The lines around my mouth are a little less chiseled. I’ll take it!

I much prefer smiling pictures. 

Much more personality!

I remember watching my dad and his smile lines and realizing that if I was going to have lines, I wanted more smiling lines than frown lines.

When we needed to wear masks, I was very happy that my eyes showed smiles.

Big blessing.

I also think every time I take a picture I’ll make sure I choose better colors, and boy am I seeing the difference! The blue sweatshirt in the first picture has great memories because I bought it in Boston, and I chose the one I liked the best, but it’s definitely a stay-at-home and be lazy shirt for me for now on!

That said, I value bringing back more elasticity into my skin. Fewer wrinkles.

I’ll take it.

So takeaways: 
1) I think I’m seeing improvement. 
2) Smile!
3) Wear colors that really enhance you.
4) Collagen Elixir 

Oh, yeah, I mentioned the softer skin. That’s all over, including my heels, because you don’t just put the elixir on the target areas. It’s a wonderful apple tasting drink that I enjoy!

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Day 1 and 2 collagen elixir

 I received my Collagen Elixir yesterday and immediately drank my first bottle.


Here's Day 1 picture:

This morning, I drank a bottle as soon as I got up because it's just the right amount of sweet.  Not too much and not too little!

Day 2:

It's windy outside, and I took my puppy for a walk.  He's sacked out now.  Learning to walk with me instead of racing after leaves scuttling across the sidewalk taxed him (and me) pretty hard!  


He's 16 weeks old.  We've had him for 7 weeks now.

He and my son Steven have good times playing!

Friday, February 19, 2021

Can I look younger?

Experiments.  When is the last time you experimented with something?





New project management technique?

Today I decided I was going to try an experiment with a collagen product that Isagenix offers.  I have found I'm cautious about posting pictures of myself, and none without smiling, because I am very aware of smile lines.  A few years ago a fellow at a mall kiosk put a product on my face that was supposed to last for 5 days.  It worked, but I thought the cost was prohibitive.  I decided to try a daily product from another source but my husband suggested I take a look at what Isagenix offered.  I have learned more and more about Isagenix products as he has continued to use their products in his pursuit of weight loss and pain management.

So here's my experiment.  I ordered the Beauty Afterglow Bundle.  I'm going to take pictures every day although I won't bore you with daily pictures--maybe weekly.  Let's see if it does lighten the lines on my face.  I won't actually receive the product for at least a week due to COVID and manufacturing delays due to the popularity of the product, but if I don't take and post the picture with today's time stamp, I may well forget!  So here I am without any makeup.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Dollar store JOY

When my kids were young and money was super tight, Christmas was stressful.  And then a friend introduced me to dollar stores.  Oh, what a find!!!
I could take my kids Christmas shopping for their siblings without breaking the bank.

Fast forward to my youngest child in high school and beyond.  She loves exploring the inner nooks of dollar stores more than most people.  She LOVES to decorate for every holiday imaginable but she's careful with money.  

Enter dollar stores.  To be specific, Dollar Tree.

It's a beautiful thing because everything is exactly $1.  So if you have $5 and change, you can buy 5 items.  (Don't forget some change or you can only buy 4 items and still pay tax.

The addiction is real.  I dropped in for posterboard today.  A big sheet of white posterboard is only 50 cents.  That's right.  50 pennies!  If that's what you've got, they'll take the pennies.  (Be kind to the cashier though and don't bring $5 of pennies!!! Take that to your bank.)

And today, you even get to feel like you helped the economy even more by putting coins back into circulation!

So what kinds of things can you buy?  Everything!  Here's what I picked up:

Lay's Stax. Because I have a canker sore in the back of my throat and Lay's helps clear those up.  I picked up Barbecue ones for other family members because they like them!  $1

Posterboard, but I found a package of 4 that were already cut down to the right size. I could have saved a bit by cutting it myself, but why?  We'll use these in record our ideas of things to do rather than a white board right now. It will be messier, but we'll see what has been crossed off instead of erased!  I already have markers!

A notebook for keeping my lists of things that I still need to get done.  My to-do list, if you will.  Arrow tabs to bookmark to-do, journal, or ideas that I record for easy referencing. Crepe streamers in pink, yellow, and purple to decorate our house as needed.

A pack of 3 small notebooks that will fit in a small pocket on my purse so I can record ideas and impressions whenever they come.  Dollar Tree excels at keeping an excellent variety of stationery items!

Closeup of the designs:

Lined pages inside: 

Finally a cute little bucket to hold pens and pencils!

I love Dollar Tree!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

It's DONE!

Today it's a balmy 77 degrees outside with 70 percent humidity, and I took my dog for a walk.  I had grand designs of going and walking the Rocky Ridge Reservation later today, but THAT's not going to happen now!  It's far too muggy.  I'm beat!

Last night I put the finishing touches on the quilt I started 7 months ago.  It's a throw quilt designed by Angela Walters for a virtual quilt along, Help! How Do I Quilt It?  that she did late 2019. 

The border is not part of Angela's panel.

 I started this in January.  After quilting ferociously for a few months, my hands started yelling at me with arthritis pain so I backed off.  Life intervened, COVID19 happened, and I went to help my parents in another state.  

Coming home, I didn't even want to touch my sewing machine, let along free motion quilt!

After several weeks, I decided I needed to finish the project.  After all, I was almost finished already.  That said, I didn't want to do much intensive free motion quilting so I snapped on my walking foot and broke into it with straight lines.  Ultimately I moved back into the curvier designs that need my FMQ foot, but I kept it to short spurts.

Seven months after beginning this, it's done.

The back is quite colorful and I love the colors!

Close up: 

Full length:

It's happy and colorful!

I ran out of the ombre fabric so I ran by a local quilt shop and found this:

Back and front at once:

Monday, May 4, 2020

A day out--another creative outlet

Last Saturday, my husband, son, and I went for a drive to see some covered bridges, specifically the two longest and shortest (18 feet) in the United States within about 1 1/2 hours of our home.  I hope you enjoy some of these pictures.

The shortest!  Travelers had to pay a toll to use it!

Why do you keep taking pictures of me, Mom?

Go see Aerial Blend on Instagram for some of my husband's photography!