Saturday, May 16, 2015

Overcoming fear: Actually making something

After I bought my new Janome, I let it sit for a little bit and mostly looked at different projects that I could try.

I even bought a jacket course from Craftsy but have yet to purchase fabric for that jacket.  Someday I will!!!

But I'm chicken and only made simple things at first.  After all, it has been a few years decades since my mother taught me to sew, and I've only made a few things in between.  Mother had to rescue a few of those projects like my daughter's pioneer dress, pinafore, and bonnet because the directions were so very, very confusing to me.  Mother was an amateur seamstress only because she would never sew for pay.  She always said her time was too expensive, and the price would take any item she might sell to sky-high levels.  She made things as gifts sometimes but never for pay.

Then I discovered diaper clutches.  They are simple, require minimal lengths of fabric, and seem like a good idea.  I like the pattern from Modest Eve:  Oh, and I learned that you can make four clutches with the amount of fabric she lists.

I've already made a bunch of these.  What I really like is that they can be used as a wristlet for the child to carry things around or a quick clutch for diapers and wipes.  

So far I've given a few as gifts so I hope others find them useful.

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